Richard Marx has become just another Twitter troll who spends his time hating on people in a desperate attempt to remain relevant. And we suppose it’s working since we’re even writing about the guy people associate with elevator music and fluffy mullets.

And if you’re wondering why Dick would like to hug the man who beat Rand Paul up, it’s because Rand dared admit he will not take the COVID vaccine because he believes the antibodies he built up after having the virus work as well if not better. But you know, a has-been pop star knows better than a doctor.

Okay if we call you Dick, Richard?

Dick would like to buy a man drinks for beating up another man he disagrees with politically.

When people show you who they really are, believe them.

Don’t be like Dick.


C’mon man, that elevator music ain’t gonna write itself you know.


Dude is so broken.

Ummm … we have questions.

That we’re pretty sure we do not want to be answered.

Us too.

We adore the guy.

Richard Marx? Not so much.



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