Ted Cruz for the win!


We love that Ted Cruz bashed Jon Cooper with his own tweet. Cooper is nothing more than a blue-check troll who likes to block people for disagreeing with him. Notice Cruz had to use a screenshot …full disclosure, ol’ Jon blocked this mean editor long ago.

*bawk bawk*

And as usual, any sort of tweet from Ted makes the Left lose their itty bitty minds.

You’d think if they get so flustered over the man they’d just mute him but here we are:


Do you think these people know Biden killed our pipeline but allowed Putin’s pipeline? And that Trump was the one placing sanctions on Russia while Biden lifts them?

You know what, we don’t even care.


Such angry, thin-skinned, simple little creatures.

Thanks for the job security! *snort*



TFW you’re so SUPER GIRL POWER you think the way to empower women in sports is to END women’s sports annnd we got NOTHIN’

So much THIS –> Professor F’s thread about activists DUPING those in power to limit individual freedom for the ‘greater good’ is DAMN good

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