Byron York wrote a fairly exceptional thread explaining why 9/11 was indeed FAR WORSE than what happened on January 6. Yeah yeah, we know, talking heads, Lefties, Never Trump, and other disingenuous butt-nuggets have a vested interest in claiming otherwise but it’s just not so.

Apparently, York explaining exactly why a terrorist attack that literally killed over 3000 Americans on our soil was far worse than a ‘riot’ led by a vegan shaman upset HuffPo douche-canoe S.V. Dáte who very desperately wants to pretend January 6 was far worse than 9/11.

We’re definitely not dealing with the best OR the brightest here.

What IS it with these HuffPo dopes?

Yes. We’re all whitewashing what happened on January 6 …

Calling out their crazy hysteria over what happened is hardly whitewashing it, doofus.

If we rolled our eyes any further back in our heads we’d be able to see Alaska from our backyard.


He wants to continue painting half of this country as dangerous and unhinged so nobody pays attention to the crapshow the Democrats elected.


We especially like Siraj as the List Shaman here.


One has to wonder at this point.



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