If you needed more proof the Left sees Jews as a prop … wow.

Michelle Goldberg penned an entire column about how attacks (aka violence) on Jews over Israel are a gift to the Right. No, seriously. We’re not even making her sound ridiculous for ‘effect,’ she literally wrote that in a headline.

Yes, we made the same ‘are you sh*tting me’ face.

Ben Shapiro said it … well, almost identically to how we would have said it. EL OH EL.

Her column is a steaming pile of horsesh*t:

Not just a steaming pile of horsesh*t, but a Mt. Everest-sized-steaming pile of horsesh*t.

Dude, that’s a lot of horsesh*t.



He’s right.

That’s so much horsesh*t that a horse would walk by it and say, ‘Damn, that’s a lot of horsesh*t.’

Thanks for the visual aid, Tony.



Hey man, those anti-Israel clicks and taps aren’t going to make themselves happen ya’ know.



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