Richard Grenell has a history of NOT holding back … which is just one of the reasons why we adore him.

He mercilessly blasted the Biden admin with some serious truth during an interview with the Schlapp’s:

Richard said the quiet part about Susan Rice out loud … oopsie.

Biden is too weak.


The end.

He has no clue what people are ‘doing’ in his name; just yesterday he was caught saying that he wasn’t allowed to take any questions. Now, who would tell him that and why? Granted, we’re pretty sure we know why but who? Obama? Rice? Harris? Klain? P-sucky? DOCTOR Jill?

It’s all so creepy and weird and it seems no one in traditional media really wants to talk about it so we’re REALLY glad Ric said the scary part out loud.

And since these are the most important things to understand, the crazies came out of the woodwork.

As they often do.

They still can’t meme.

Umm … he’s in California but ok.

Only a complete moron would miss how bizarre this entire presidency has been and that Biden is clearly not making his own decisions BUT whatever helps them feel better about voting for a guy who has somehow found a way to make things as crappy as they were under Carter in less than five months.

But you know, Republicans are the ‘wackadoos’.



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