Tucker Carlson has been on a TEAR with the fear-mongering being pushed by our ‘betters’ in public health and the media when it comes to the vaccine so of course he’s been accused of ‘getting people killed’ with his ‘crazy anti-vax conspiracy theories.’

Because you know, asking questions about the vaccine and talking about the ACTUAL DATA is a big no-no.

Or something.

Watch this, it’s awesome:

This is no longer about public health, it’s about social conditioning.

And control.

Gosh, sounds like Tucker is onto something here.

Seriously with those numbers on vaccinated people?! Ok, full disclosure, this editor is fully vaccinated and has been doing EVERYTHING (most of it maskless). Had no idea how rare it was to actually believe the vaccine works …

This FEAR falls square on the shoulders of our public health officials who have said even with the vaccine PEOPLE CAN STILL CATCH IT so mask up. Not to mention the ‘leader’ of the free world appearing masked DURING A DAMN ZOOM CALL. Nothing they’ve done has promoted reassurance in the vaccine, or in their leadership, and threatening Americans if they don’t behave and get vaccinated we won’t get back to normal? What moron thought THAT was a good idea?

*cough cough Fauci cough cough*

That is exactly what it feels like now … mass hysteria.

It’s nutty.

People are so afraid of dying that they’ve stopped living.

Thanks, Fauci.



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