Juan Williams says there is no labor shortage or inflation.

Stop laughing.

Ok, we laughed too, not at the thought of Americans suffering under Biden (that’s not funny), but at the idea that anyone could be THIS blind, dense, or biased.

And we get it, he is doing his job as the lone progressive on this panel but as President Silver Alert would say, ‘C’mon man!’

Get a load of this:

We’re reminded of Kevin Bacon’s character in Animal House at the end of the movie while the Deltas are causing havoc with the big parade … ALL IS WELL!

No, Juan, all is NOT well, and if you didn’t live in your little DC/NY bubble and bothered to speak to people who are living in the rest of the country you’d see that.

Johnny Joey Jones was good enough to drop the hammer square on ol’ Juan’s noggin:

Stop being so petty, dude.

Ding ding ding. Maybe Juan should hang out with people in North Carolina or Virginia … sit in line with them as they wait for gas, or drive by empty gas stations. Or maybe he should talk to Chef Gurel in California who can’t hire a dishwasher for even $21 an hour.

Some Americans don’t want to work when the government is willing to pay them MORE to stay home. And no matter how many times Biden, P-sucky, or other Democrats try and pretend otherwise, it doesn’t change that very simple fact. Why would they wash dishes when they can stay home and make ALMOST that much anyway?

What’s petty is pretending these very real problems AREN’T very real problems.

Fair point.