The media, the Left (same difference, we know), and Never Trump have been working VERY hard to make the Liz Cheney drama about Donald Trump because if they can pretend Republicans are mad at her for dissing their CULT LEADER then they can continue to promote the idea that Republicans are a cult.

And Liz seems AOK with that as long as she gets invited to the right dinner parties and gets interviewed by CNN and other outlets.

Case in point.

Actually, that’s not what they say. Brit Hume was good enough to provide the full quote and what it really means when it comes to Liz Cheney:

Brit is absolutely spot on about Liz … sorry, not sorry.

Can’t be pissing in the tent, Liz. It’s not good for you, the tent, or anyone inside the tent.

Hopefully she’s figured this out but we’re pretty sure she hasn’t.



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