As Twitchy readers already know, Sen. Rand Paul lit Dr. Fauci UP today over his connection to any sort of NIH funding provided to the Wuhan Lab. Lucky for us, RedSteeze was able to break down the more important pieces from the questioning and highlight where Fauci … well, effed up.

Or misspoke.

Or you know, lied.

Well, which is it, Fauci?

Was ‘gain of function’ research ever funded or do you not know what the Chinese did with the money? It was really strange watching him answer the questions, well, watching him try to avoid answering the questions. These were simple yes or no answers; you know when they have to go into some ridiculous rambling answer they’re not really ‘answering’.


It does seem like they all want to get to the bottom of what happened but nobody ever really bothers to try and get to the bottom of what really happened.

Except for Rand, and of course, the Branch COVIDIANS are out in full zombie-horde shrieking about the senator (who is an ophthalmologist) daring to question their SAVIOR.

This is probably more true than any of us want to believe.

Scary stuff.



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