Businessman and Virginia native, Glenn Youngkin has won the GOP nomination in the Virginia Governor’s Race. He is the former co-CEO of a global investment firm and get this … he funded his own campaign. We know, far too many people have grown accustomed to career politicians who spend more time worrying about getting elected than they do governing, see Northam. But Youngkin is different, he is a political outsider who decided it was time to go to work for the people of Virginia.

The thread he posted after his win says a lot about him, and it’s all good.

Take a look.

Prepared to lead.

Excited to serve.

Profoundly humbled.

A very different message than what Virginians are used to hearing from Northam, who has spent the last nearly 16 months restricting his citizens, destroying small businesses, an forcing face coverings on children.

Keep going.

Class act.

All the way.

Virginia Republicans will need all hands on deck.



Pretty spectacular, eh?

Guess how Terry McAwful … sorry, McAuliffe … responded? (we only paid attention to him because as of now he seems the odds-on favorite BUT the guy hasn’t won anything, yet)


Compare the messages.

Yeah, Terry just stinks.

Of course not.

He’s a Democrat.


Gosh, it seems like Terry may have an uphill battle this time around.




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