We need to take a hard look at what it takes to be an attorney in this country because yikes.

You’d think an attorney would know what the First Amendment covers, right? Clearly, we’re not attorneys (Twitchy editors are lucky to tie our own shoes some days) BUT even we understand that this is … well it’s wrong.

C’mon man!

These people are so obsessed with Fox News. It’s … creepy.

And really?!

Ummm … it’s the same amendment that says healthcare, abortion, and free college are constitutional rights.

The same one that says we all get a free pony who can talk.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Yeah, he blocks really really really fast.


Up yours.

There is a phrase we do not hear nearly enough.

Yeah, homey.

And that’s a tough one to misspell.


Yup. He blocked this editor SUPER fast. And sheesh, all of our editors are charming, sweet, tolerant, and smell like sugar cookies.

Or something.



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