Brian Stelter talking about ‘multiple big lies’ as he sits on the outlet that pushed ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ and the Covington Catholic High School kids’ story may be the least self-aware thing we’ve seen on Twitter today … which considering what a dumpster fire of dog poo Twitter usually is anymore, is saying a lot.

And what is it with people on his panel? Why do they all look like they smelled a fart?


Blah blah blah.

CNN pointing the finger at others about multiple big lies is something else. And it is NOT Trump supporters who are the most resistant. Maybe if these elites would spend a little more time talking to people outside of their circle they’d find a large number of people who are concerned about the vaccine are people of color. But you know, ORANGE MAN BAD, FOX NEWS BAD!

The issue really lies within how badly the Biden admin has failed in messaging with the vaccine but nobody wants to talk about that, especially nobody at CNN.

So many lies, so little time.

Can you even really call Tater a journalist?

But she is governor! She says so!


So much this.

Yup. Sums it up nicely.



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