It is RARE that a Twitchy editor falls for a parody. We spend so much time writing about this insanity that for a parody to fool us it has to be exceptional. OR the person they’re talking about in their parody has to be just that awful.

And lucky for BBC FAKING News, Cuomo is just that awful.

Yup. We ALMOST fell for this.


Not only is this hilarious but we could absolutely see him getting caught saying something like this. Remember when he was trying to force a female reporter to eat a sausage? Dana Loesch had the same reaction we did though to the idea of Cuomo’s garlic knots.

Yup, we did an all-over gross-out body shiver when we read this.

So gnarly.

What she said.

This could come really really really close though.

People FELL for this (including this editor for a bit) because it’s completely PLAUSIBLE that Cuomo said something like this.





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