Public schools, in blue states especially, have done themselves NO favors during the ‘pandemic’.

‘School hesitancy.’

Teacher’s unions and elected officials have so decimated and destroyed the basic institution of public education that we not only have FULLY-VACCINATED teachers refusing to teach kids in the classroom, but we have students who are hesitant to go back as well. Sure, kids have complained about going to school for … well, ever, but this is very different. These kids are being enabled and even empowered not to return in some cases.

Which is bad news.

Mary Katharine Ham wrote a thread:

As a parent in a school system that seriously dragged its feet in getting our secondary kids back (hey, we’re back, not really complaining but still), communication was poor and confusing. And sometimes it did feel as if the district was in a way trying to persuade parents to stick with virtual for the rest of the year. Not as bad as in Northern Virginia (what a mess they are), but still, an interesting point.

Again, teachers in Northern Va. districts are fully vaccinated.

Often changing.


No more.

Thanks, teacher’s unions!



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