Would someone please remind Mittens Romney that he all but enabled President Biden by being a totally annoying douche-canoe during Trump’s term and the election? Thanks.

And c’mon, Biden claiming corporations aren’t paying their fair share isn’t beneath him … it’s what Democrats do.

Mitt knows this.

But you know, he’s trying really hard to pretend he didn’t help create this hot-dumpster of an administration:

And then he did some fancy-schmancy math to prove that he was really serious!

Give it up, Mitt.

You own this.

Brit Hume responded as only he can:

Anyone else feel like Brit is sort of patting little Mitt on the head?


Maybe if Mitt breaks out the puppets and crayons?


Yeah, we were shocked too.

Then again …

Mitt. Don’t bother. Nobody believes you actually care.



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