We can always count on Ben Shapiro to do his part to piss off the shrieking harpies on a holiday like Mother’s Day. If you’ve been paying attention to the insanity that is social media (and if you haven’t, good on you!), you know that progressives want to use less gender-specific terminology around giving birth.

Because you know, so many men squeeze ten-pound babies out of their penises every day.

Oh, we get what they’re trying to do but as usual, it’s stupid.

And Ben did a great job of mocking them all:

This mother got a kick out of it. Heh.

It’s a little clunky.

Seems Ted Cruz has a similar thought:

Now, did Ted do this on purpose to support Ben’s efforts? We can’t say for sure BUT we like to think there is some sort of cosmic trolling going on here because HOO BOY, there sure is a lot of hooting and hollering going on about these tweets, and not the good kind.


They’re so delicate.


And there’s MORE.

The irony of this tweet.

Because like us, he has to deal with unimaginable STUPID on the Left.



Happy Birthing Person’s Day… Moms. <3



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