Thinkin’ Nancy Pelosi might be hittin’ the ‘apple juice’ a little bit early today.


We get that she needs to pretend that things are going really well since the Puppet in Chief took over the White House but c’mon, Nan. Trump put shots in arms, gave out more money in pockets, and Biden is still bending to the pressure of the teacher’s unions. He wouldn’t even say if the schools would be open in the fall.

Thanks for the reminder that we need term limits, Nan.

The pandemic didn’t cause those ‘devastating effects’.

Government locking down their states did.

Especially Democrats, many of whom are still clamping down on their states to relish in their power. See Northam, Whitmer, Cuomo, Murphy, Newsom etc.

Guess how this went over.



We made this same face.

We don’t either.

And in their own pockets.

Horse hockey.

Now them’s fightin’ words.

Always good to hear from a Bernie supporter.

That’s putting it nicely.



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