Last night, Sen. Tim Scott provided the Republican’s rebuttal to Biden’s speech and as you can imagine, when Scott said America is not a racist country the racists on the Left came out like crazy. Interesting how the Left consistently claims it’s the Right who is racist but we only really see this sort of rhetoric from the Left.

Perhaps they just wanted to prove Biden right?

Just. Awful.


We know you’re racist, Lefties, you don’t have to keep reminding us.

These are some of the worst and note, all of the blue-checks which means Jack and Twitter are AOK with this.


This is not the first time Scott has called a Black Republican an Uncle Tom buuuuut we’ll get to him later.

Ummm … we know Keith is pretty much a lost cause at this point but this is dumb, even for him.

Always classy, Tourè.

So Bree and her ilk are doing their best to prove him wrong.

Weird take, right?

Says the old white guy.

C’mon, you knew this jagoff would be included.

Take a knee, grifter.


Because if Tim’s politics don’t align a certain way he’s not a Black person?


Can you guys believe someone pays this guy for tweets like that?


Remember, Democrats always project who they really are on Republicans.

And they just keep proving that over and over and over again.



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