Once again we bring to you a thread that really doesn’t need much more than a simple introductory paragraph. Grace shared her survival story about what happened when the ‘Woke Mob’ came after her and her husband … and this is both terrifying and pretty damn awesome.

And something we see a lot in social media and flooding into real life.

Take a look.

It’s definitely worth sharing.

Seems like a good idea as there are plenty of disparities in mental health care.

Get a load of this.

We have a pretty good idea where this crap is coming from.

And now this editor’s right eye won’t stop twitching.


Causing harm.

See a pattern?

Identity politics are destroying this country.

Down with the man!

Valuing the individual.

That’s a big no-no in the woke crowd.

Oh, be proud of it. It’s the only way to deal with them.

Every phobia in the book.

Oh well.

Read that again. If you care more about maintaining your integrity than what people think or say about you, you’ll emerge with your dignity intact.

Ding and ding and ding.

Never apologize to the mob. Never ever.

What she said.

We’ve gotta start fighting the woke mob NOW.



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