Huh. Sounds like USA Today retroactively edited Stacey Abrams op-ed written before the MLB pulled the All Star Game from Atlanta. Guess when they realized how unpopular and crappy that idea was (moving from a Black majority city to a White majority city with plenty of strict voting laws) they decided to do a little damage control.

Well well well.

Why would they do that?

From Fox News:

USA Today appeared to have bizarrely allowed retroactive edits of an op-ed written by prominent Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams in an effort to water down her previous justification for boycotts after MLB moved its All-Star Game from Atlanta.

In a piece published on March 31, just days before the MLB announced that it was relocating its game due to the backlash over Georgia’s election reform bill that was signed into law, Abrams seemed to defend the national response to what she called the “racist, classist” legislation.

Abrams is just a hot mess.

And no amount of retroactively editing her op-ed changes that.

Sorry, not sorry.


Oops again.


But her opinion changed and stuff when she figured out people would be pissed at her for it.


Today’s media at work.



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