Boy oh boy, Joe Biden’s speech to a Joint Session of Congress was something else. Truth be told, this editor was shocked at how sharp he sounded at the beginning of the speech. Of course, that started to go downhill about 20 minutes in but still …

And we get that Biden is old and likely doesn’t remember what he had for breakfast yesterday, but he had to know his babbling about ‘trickle-down economics’ would get called out.

Even by John Harwood:

Biden, dude. You VOTED for that. C’MON MAN!


Not to worry though, there are plenty of Lefties on this thread making excuses for the old timer:


Sorry, we just can’t with these people.

OR, and hear us out, Joe is a two-faced liar who wouldn’t know what he did or didn’t say two days ago and is simply regurgitating what his handlers wrote for him last night.



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