Ron DeSantis has done so much right for Florida. From his management of the virus (his state’s numbers are low and he never shut his people down) to his most recent actions of protecting his people from idiots rioting in the name of social justice, the guy gets it.

You can really tell when you watch his interview with Tucker Carlson:


Are you paying attention blue states? This is how you do it!

From TownHall:

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that it only took him “a few weeks” to decide his state wasn’t “doing Fauciism” in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“It took me a few weeks, March and into April, to get enough data to say okay, you know, we’re not doing Fauciism,” DeSantis told Carlson during a Fox Nation interview, a portion of which aired on Monday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “We’re gonna make sure our state’s open. We’re gonna get the kids back into school, and we’ll just focus our protection on elderly people.”

Huh. Protect the vulnerable.

Let the rest of your state get on with it.


We’ve got to get this immigration situation under control.

No joke.

This is what a real leader looks like, just FYI, Biden zombies.

So using that from now on.

Common sense.

Who knew?

DeSantis 2024!



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