There are some threads on Twitter that need no further comment from a Twitchy editor, and this thread from The Daily Caller’s Geoffrey Ingersoll on the Left’s literal assault on language is just such a thread.

This is freakin’ GOOD.

Take a look.

It’s all about controlling the narrative and the truth.


To so intimidate people they don’t bother to say anything in CASE they say the wrong thing and get canceled.

Even though they’ve been called illegal aliens for decades.

NOW it’s mean.

Sorry, but breaking the law to enter this country illegally is pretty damn MEAN but we digress.

Mandating words.

How effed up is that?

Yummm … reuben.

Sorry, we got distracted.

Keep going.

Isn’t our country sovereign?

And your family.



Yeah yeah, we know, we said no commentary necessary but this is what this editor does. Deal with it.

Like calling abortion women’s rights or healthcare.


It’s in THEIR best interests.

Never forget that.

The Left has been trying to change language to push their narrative for decades … time to stop it.



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