Fauci seems to care more about control and power than he does public health. Sorry, not sorry.

At least that’s what it’s beginning to feel like as he continues to push fully vaccinated people to mask up, claiming they could still make other people sick, which kinda sorta goes against the whole point of getting vaccinated IN THE FIRST PLACE.

A wise Twitterer (we think it was RedSteeze) once said the only people telling you the pandemic isn’t over are the people who want it to continue for their own selfish reasons.

Dr. Nicole Saphier quite succinctly took Fauci apart:

Incentive went out the window.

No sh*t.

Why would people get vaccinated if they have to keep living their lives muzzled and locked indoors?

What a dumb way to promote vaccination, Fraudci.

He himself has created more vaccine hesitancy than anyone else.

Almost as if he’s an anti-vaxxer.


See what we mean?

He undermines himself and each and every person out there who has gotten or is getting vaccinated.

There must be incentive or the whole thing is a moot point.

It doesn’t feel like it’s about public health at all anymore which is freakin’ scary.



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