Keep in mind as you watch this segment from Ami Horowitz that the narrative you’re hearing from the protesters he spoke with at the George Floyd memorial has been pushed, enabled, and even empowered by the Left and Democrats.

They want us all divided and angry.

And boy howdy, they’re succeeding.

Watch this:

They’re all ok with burning the city down and don’t think Chauvin deserves due process.

Among other effed up things.

Gosh, we’re not experts but that seems sorta racist.

Just sayin’.

Based on lies, untruths, and an agenda being pushed by people who only want more power.


And speaking of people who want more power:

Sad but true.

This is what happens when politicians push a narrative to promote their own agenda and use and exploit an entire race of people to keep themselves in power.

Looking at you, Democrats.

You own this.



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