Carol Roth is one smart cookie, especially when it comes to money, the economy, and business in general. Oh, and her hair is absolutely the bomb …

So her tweet about those people who don’t want the pandemic to end is something really worth considering in our humble opinion.

She’s right.

This is probably why Tom Nichols felt the need to try and prove her wrong.

Tom’s expertise truly lies with his ability to act like a total dbag.

Sorry, not sorry.

From what we can tell, Carol just ignored him (talk to the hand), but there were plenty of other people who were more than happy to name two (or more!) powerful people who don’t want this pandemic to end, and YEAH, they showed lots and lots of work.

Hey, he asked.

Big businesses sure have been successful while small businesses continue to struggle.

This from CNN was just painful.

And awful.

And shameful.

There really should be some sort of consequence for an outlet doing this, yes?

Tom has to dismiss people and tweets so he can feel better about himself and his tweets.

And finally, RedSteeze with the TKO:


Huh, funny. We reacted the same way.



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