It feels like we just wrote this story a couple of days ago … probably because we did write something similar. Let’s be honest, Geraldo Rivera is not having a great week, especially when it comes to debating Dan Bongino on Sean Hannity’s show. Bongino ate his lunch last time, and this time Geraldo just absolutely melted down.

He even swore at Bongino and called him names.

And as anyone can tell you in a debate, once the other person gets mad and starts namecalling they’ve lost the debate.

Watch this insanity:

Called him a punk and a son of a bi*ch?

‘Come tell me that to my face.’


We’re not sure what Geraldo needs but we’re pretty sure he should stop trying to debate Dan Bongino on live television.

Just sayin’.

Because people love watching Geraldo get his backside handed to him.

True story.

Look at us, we’re writing about it even.

And SO upset.


The Chad.



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