Mean girls are gonna be mean girls.

And Ana Navarro is a mean girl.

Sorry, not sorry.

Maybe she missed it, but Melania’s husband has been out of office for nearly 100 days … not to mention attacking the former First Lady’s appearance was always something small, petty, and mean people did.

Like Ana.

Oh, and we GET IT, she thinks this makes some big statement but eh:

Truth be told, we’ll take the ‘I really don’t care, do you’ FLOTUS over the ‘love’ FLOTUS.

Because for example, the ‘love’ one is watching her very elderly husband struggle through his duties so the Democratic Party can use and exploit him for their agenda. That doesn’t seem all that lovey to us.


Democrats love their words.

And they love to change their definitions of their words.

Like infrastructure.

Ain’t that the truth?

Now, THERE’S a picture that speaks a thousand words!


They really think like this:

Scary, right?



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