CNN’s Brian Stelter has been b*tching and moaning (even more than usual) because conservative-leaning talking heads/pundits haven’t been posting vaccine selfies. Pretty sure he believes all of us redneck country bumpkin Republicans will be more likely to get the vaccine if our HEROES are doing it.

Or something.

Yes, that is beyond insulting but it is Tater we’re talking about here.

Looks like Glenn Beck was up for the challenge.


We see what you did there, Glenn.

Look very closely at Glenn’s left hand. Gosh, it’s almost as if Glenn is giving CNN the middle finger.

HEY NOW, we can be absolutely immature here at Twitchy (it’s sort of a gift) but c’mon man, that’s a middle finger.

Or we suppose that’s just the finger he coincidentally chose for his ‘shot’.


And of course, the hate-filled and humorless harpies are out in numbers on his tweet:

Wishing death on Glenn for mocking CNN … alrighty then.

It must be hard to get through life with a stick lodged that far up his backside … just sayin’.

If we rolled our eyes any further back in our heads we’d be able to see RUSSIA from our backyard.

So mad over a tweet mocking CNN.

Thinking all of these people need more fiber in their diets.

Or something.



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