But you know, there is ZIP ZERO NADA political bias in big tech. Heck, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey said so …

This reminds us of one of those, ‘Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain’ moments.

Check out what happened when Luke Rudkowski did the same exact search on Google and DuckDuckGo:

So Google just pulls up nonsense about January 6 … because apparently, it’s only a riot on federal property? You’d think the destruction of public and private property, looting, and violence, in general, would lead one to believe what they’re seeing is actually a riot but hey, what do we know?

Also, even when DuckDuckGo actually pulls the riots that were taking place, notice the crap headlines from the media. Protests ‘erupt?’ ROFL


Gross, right?

We do sort of just point and laugh at them anymore.


Basically, yup.

We see you, Google.



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