The good thing about Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Twitter feed is that it’s ridiculous, whether you believe him or not.

Case in point:

Say what?

Hey, we’re not scientists or experts but we’re pretty sure that’s not how science works.


Take it from Steak-umm:

And this is one of the few remaining reasons Twitter is even remotely bearable. A delicious, salty, yummy, product schooling an egomaniacal ‘scientist’ saying stupid crap on social media. It’s just not something you see every day, you know?

Steak-umm continued:

What they said.

Fair point.

And another great thread if you are so inclined.

Nah, this honestly seems pretty ‘in character’ for their feed.

Neil just posts ridiculous sound bites like this for clout …

Nailed it.

Steak-umm: 1

Neil: 0

Yes, please do keep it up.



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