Loudoun County, VA is the wealthiest county in the country.

And, it seems, incredibly dysfunctional due to a group of privileged, white, affluent liberals who think forcing anti-racist indoctrination makes sense for the students in their district. You may be familiar with this county as they made the news a month ago for starting the nonsense about blocking Dr. Seuss and then most recently, school board member Beth Barts and other members of the community have been accused of building hate lists of parents who don’t support Critical Race Theory being taught in the classroom then threatening to silence the opposition.

Yeah, they’re a hot mess of horrible.

It gets worse …

From Fox News:

“Right, just two people. Nothing more to that picture?” the teachers asks.

“Nah, not really. Just two people chillin’,” the student reiterates.

“I don’t believe that you believe that,” the teachers says. “I don’t believe that you look at this as just two people.”

“It truly is just two people though, is it not?” the student replies.

Their back-and-forth continues, with the teacher calling the student “intentionally coy” about what he should be seeing. Eventually, the students asks the teacher if he is goading him into saying that there are two different races in the picture.

“Yes, I am asking you to say that,” the teacher says.

“Well, at the end of the day, wouldn’t that just be feeding into the problem of looking at race instead of just acknowledging them as two normal people?” the student asks.


We don’t want to make any sort of assumption about the race of the student, however, we’re pretty sure the teacher is a white guy.

And we know he just got his a*s handed to him by a very smart, young man.

So damn good.



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