Democrats are terrified of Fox News’ Peter Doocy.

And they should be.

The presser itself was just a hot mess of awful, with Biden clearly calling on ‘friendly’ media who had likely provided their questions ahead of time so someone else could prepare his handy-dandy index cards. Do you all remember Trump carrying index cards during any presser?

Yeah, us either.

To be fair, we assumed every journo in the room was a friendly aka lapdog but apparently, that wasn’t true. Sleepy Joe just avoided calling on anyone who might ask him a real question, like Peter Doocy.

Pretty glaring, yup.

Nope, not a single question from someone who might have asked something tough.

And he still sucked wind.

He kept looking down for names, we’re going to guess there was an approved list for him.



Super weird.

Just gutless.

That’s being kind.



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