Major props to Caleb Hull for taking the time to put together this massive and hilariously humiliating thread of lefties doing what they always do and that’s jumping to a conclusion, opening their big mouths to make some sort of political statement they think matters, and then sticking their feet into said mouth.

Over and over again.

This thread is really something else … get some popcorn because it’s going to take you some time to get through but it’s WORTH IT.

Awww yes, the Rupar narrative about the GA gunman having a bad day.

Nice to see that stuck around.

Keep going.

Yeah, always angry about women.


Can’t have one of these embarrassing threads without Amy Siskind.




This is just sad.

Don Winslow is one of the worst.

Nope. Not even close, Rosanna.

And again.

Not at all.


But then we might go out of business so never mind.

This is so ugly.

Shame on this guy.

Told you it’s long.




Yeah, and it’s an embarrassing tweet at that.

Wow, could these leftists look any dumber? LOL

Don’t answer that.

We know they could.



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