Gonna guess Kamala Harris is a lousy poker player.

Eddie Zipperer was good enough to put together a short yet disturbing thread showing a very common ‘tell’ with Kamala Harris … one you see in her when she’s nervous, uncomfortable, or not being entirely honest. When you see these videos all in one place there is definitely a pattern.

And you realize how absolutely and entirely unlikeable this woman really is.

Take a look:

Yeah, because the crisis at the border is HILARIOUS.


Just so much yikes.

Her laugh reminds us of Hillary Clinton’s cackle … wonder if there is some sort of training where Democratic women go to learn how to be really unlikable.


Anyone else’s skin crawling yet?

Just wait.



Kristy Swanson also noticed the odd cackle/guffaw/giggle when Kamala was asked about visiting the border.

Cold disconnect indeed.



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