Like a broken clock, Shaun King is right maybe twice a day.

It’s difficult to give Talcum X credit for anything BUT his tweet about how the same people who WEPT and SCREECHED about the border conditions for children under Trump and how they have conveniently gone quiet under Biden is fairly spot on.

We’re sure he’ll say something else stupid here soon and we can go back to ignoring his feed but still …

Ding ding ding.

You can probably guess how this went over with his pals on the Left.

Ripping them out of the arms of parents?

Boy howdy, the media really did a number on some people in this country.

Seriously, the responses to Shaun’s tweet are very very very telling … the same people who were furious with Trump for protecting unaccompanied children from trafficking are happy to make excuses for the dire and quite frankly heart-breaking conditions we are seeing for these same children under Biden.

It’s ok when they do it?



If we don’t laugh we’ll never stop throwing up.

Not a fair statement.



Holy crap.

And yet the guy managed to make things way worse in 60 days.

All we can do is shake our heads.


Under Trump, we had one of the most secured, organized borders in decades.

No, he did not inherit this mess.

Biden MADE this mess.

He inherited a secure border with policies in place that protected Americans AND those at the border.

And they called Trump supporters a cult?



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