We get it, Aaron Rupar doesn’t like guns that go pew pew pew, and he won’t hesitate to crap on any sort of sentiment defending the gun rights of Americans in general BUT he probably should have just STFU about what Rep. Massie said regarding domestic abuse and background checks.

But he didn’t.

Must be nice to be so privileged and have no idea of what it’s like to live with violence in your home. He has said some dumb stuff but this is pretty bad. By the time someone in a domestic violence situation is calling the police (and usually it’s a woman), it’s too late.

They need help in seconds, and the police are minutes away.

And didn’t Rupar want the police defunded?

Yeah, just call the cops.

What a toad.

Too many stories like this.

Welp, then he’s doing his job.

Check this out:

45 minutes.


But sure, call the cops.

Not a great look, Rupar.

Hell yeah they are.



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