Remember when the Left would tell the Right if they didn’t like being censored or beaten up on Twitter they should just find their own site? And then remember when they did just that with Parler and the same people on the Left came after the property and it went away for several weeks (months)?

Those same people who consistently try and shut down anyone and everyone who disagrees with them has started to target Substack, because writers like Glenn Greenwald and Bari Weiss are ‘allowed’ to write about their actual opinions without being censored by … well, the left.

Right-wing culture warriors.


Oh, and TERFS are using Substack to network and organize.


Notice the blue check.

Notice the lack of self-awareness.

He continued (lucky you guys):

He should have stopped before the but because that is a BIG butt.

Imagine being so empowered and so egotistical that you think you have the right to censor and moderate other people? We are no longer looking at Right versus Left, we’re looking at free versus controlled.

And that’s far scarier.


Sounds awfully authoritarian, doncha think?



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