The LA Teacher’s Union is more concerned about the ‘bad optics’ of a teacher posting pictures of her spring vacation than they are the kids they’re supposed to be teaching.

They are simply and truly despicable.

Take a look:

Not a post about being safe and staying home since schools are supposedly unsafe. No no, just a warning not to post pictures because it might look bad when they push their BS about the schools not being safe.


Surely when this reporter reached out to the LA Teacher’s Union they immediately condemned the post and said in-person learning is their goal and they are truly just worried about safety for students and teachers, right?



And damn right parents are angry.

They should be.

Anything to slow the spread and stuff.


They are a poison.

They are a boil on the butt of humanity.

Nah, they don’t care. It’s not like any of them will be held accountable for anything anyway.

This is also a good point. Teacher’s unions have truly made themselves out to be the villains in all of this. Every other essential employee went back to work but not teachers in the teacher’s unions.

COVID has been very revealing in many ways – parents must never forget what we’ve seen during this last year.



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