Piers Morgan lit Prince Harry and Meghan Merkle UP for their woe-is-us exclusive interview with Oprah.

And we thought Megyn Kelly let them have it.


Piers seems less than impressed with Harry and his bride.

Then again, most people have been fairly critical. Again, not sure what they were thinking with this interview but all they really managed to do annoy people who don’t typically pay any attention to them in the first place.

The only people we see praising this interview were already on ‘their side’.

Plus, Piers brings up an excellent point. The Queen’s husband is literally in the hospital as Harry and Meghan whine about their privileged lives from their 10 million dollar mansion.

Not a great look.

Poor thing, she couldn’t have lunch with her friends!

Right? They were so adamant about getting out of the public eye.




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