As Twitchy readers know, news broke late last night that Gov. Cuomo’s advisers had pushed state officials to change the data last July to make the number of dead seniors in nursing homes look ‘better.’ The Daily Caller found this footage of Cuomo’s presser from July as well on the day the actual report came out.

This just makes him look that much worse, don’t you think? It basically proves he wanted the report to look a certain way versus how it really looked, and then he had the gall to call it ‘ugly politics’? No, ugly politics is pushing a mandate that kills thousands of seniors and then pretending it wasn’t that many so you don’t look as bad.


‘It was pure politics and it was ugly politics and now the report has the facts.’

Really, Cuomo?


This is just gross.

That’s putting it nicely.

Maybe this bit of acting was why they really gave him the Emmy?



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