We come across a lot of ‘How it started/How it’s going tweets on Twitter (it’s sort of a ‘thing’ now), but this from Trump Jr. may be the best we’ve seen yet. Yes, of course, we’re biased but when you think about the ridiculous love affair the left has had with Cuomo over the past year (THEY GAVE HIM AN EMMY) it’s hard to deny this tweet dropping Molly Jong-Fast for ‘crushing’ on Cuomo is pretty damn good.

Well played, Trump Jr. Well freakin’ played.

Fair point but we’ll take what we can get.

Cuomo should be taken down for all of it … and probably then some.

Don’t forget Northam and Cooper as well.

It has not been a great 2021 for them considering they ‘won’.



And all too accurate.

Poor girl, look at that face.

Wonder if Molly is still crushing on this guy?



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