Richard Grenell has been breaking down barriers for gay conservatives for years and busting stereotypes that claim LGBT is a Democrat-‘owned’ population. He was simply sharing some feedback he’d received from a transgender Republican and the amazing time she’d had at CPAC.

And for whatever reason, this fired up Lauren Witzke who is apparently a spokesman for some Conservative PAC.

Richard responded:

Then she doubled-down and it got really ugly.

Richard responded again …

Guess how this went?

Then she went after him again:

Let’s put this in the ‘not helpful’ column, shall we?

And Lauren wonders why the Left pushes so much nonsense about hate on the Right.

Chad Felix Greene chimed in:

Richard is our spirit animal. And so is Chad Felix Greene!

She’s a real sweetie, right?

‘Caved’ on gay marriage? No. We just figured out it was none of our business as long as it was between consenting adults. Then again, most of us thought the government had no place in marriage in the first place but we digress …

Maybe we should remind her that Trump was the first president to come into the White House supporting gay marriage?

People came out to defend Chad, bigly.




Until we can accept as Conservatives we can have a giant tent because we respect and celebrate the INDIVIDUAL we are going to be stuck with silly bouts of in-fighting that don’t serve any real purpose. Laura is welcome to have her opinions on other people, but attacking and trying to cast them out?


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