Boy oh boy, the media are working really hard to make Biden look less racist … almost as hard as they worked to make Trump look more racist.

ABC 11 News thought they would fact-check the story going around about Biden saying (that’s key) that minorities don’t know how to use the Internet.

They failed.


Really folks?



A fake tweet made to appear it came from Biden’s official Twitter account @JoeBiden circulated on social media following remarks he made at a CNN town hall on Feb. 16. “My comment regarding minorities not being able to use the internet was taken out of context,” reads the phony tweet, which was shared as an image on social media. “It’s not they don’t know how to use it it’s just that they don’t know any better. Those people don’t know about computers because they lack the resources, education and their overall commitment in their communities. It’s not that they’re dumb it’s just they don’t like to do anything. Hope this clears that up.”


Right. Biden didn’t tweet it … HE SAID IT.

But it wasn’t taken out of context.

Watch the clip:

Gosh, sounds like he said it to us.

Wow, this didn’t go well.


You sure it wasn’t smoke signals?



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