Substack should send Dr. Sarah T. Roberts a thank you note and some chocolates for writing this whiny thread about their existence because truth be told, many of us (including this editor) would never have known it exists if she hadn’t.

And the fact she calls is a threat to journalism makes us all the more interested.

Thanks doc!


Apparently, Substack makes it simple for a writer to start an email newsletter that makes money from subscriptions.

And she does NOT want that for some reason.

Journalists haven’t made their names by doing reporting in years.

You little people are too stupid to know how this all works.


Because the mainstream media has been so concerned with ‘the norms’.


Like how the reporter is a woman in her story.

Again … so? That’s what they’re doing at outlets like CNN anyway.

The general public is too stupid to know better and we can’t have them thinking for themselves now can we?

Fourth estate.


So going to write for Substack … lol

Sounds like Twitter.

And Facebook.

And most other outlets.

Well … bye.

She says that like it’s a bad thing.



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