For years, we’ve known there is a serious divide within the Democratic Party. You have your tried and true regular Democrats like Joe Manchin and then you have the quite frankly radical and dangerous members of the squad who are more socialist than Democrat.

Like Ayanna Pressley.

This sound like a threat to anyone else?

Whatever it takes.

That doesn’t sound good.

Socialists are gonna socialist.

But Democrats don’t think Americans can think and do for themselves and NEED the government to babysit them in all things.

If Democrats really cared about helping people earn a ‘livable wage’ they’d do away with the federal law that allows an employer to legally pay an employee a minimum in the FIRST place, and force the labor market to compete for labor. Why would Bob at Mcdonald’s pay more than the minimum when he knows Joe at Taco Bell is paying the same wage?

At the end of the day this is just another talking point lazy Democrats are using to pretend they ‘care’ about the little people when in reality they have officially become the party of the elite, the wealthy, and the powerful.

And don’t let them forget it.



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