As Twitchy told you earlier, Nancy Levine (who does not have a blue-check, yeah we were shocked too) posted a thread about her harassing Hyatt for allowing CPAC to take place there this year because of Nazi symbols and stuff.

Yeah, it’s really stupid. If you haven’t read the thread yet you should click over AFTER YOU FINISH THIS ONE and read it.

The whole thread is nuts.

And that’s probably why Alyssa Milano quote-tweeted it:

Yeah, totally fine hosting Nazis.


When did so many people on the Left lose their damn minds?

You know what, don’t answer that.


Remember when Alyssa claimed she saw an Elf on the Shelf doing a Nazi salute? It was years ago … before she blocked Twitchy.

Yeah, she blocked us.

Funny, right?

Oh, she can get dumber.

We’ve seen it.

Whoa. Really?

It must be exhausting.



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