We read and write about a lot of tweets, it’s the very base of all we do here at Twitchy.

Yeah, it’s sort of strange when you think about it too much but we digress.

In reading that many tweets we come across a lot of crazy, but in these past few months the level of crazy has gone off the rails, jumped the shark … it’s bad. It used to be that we were able to see a clear divide between the Left and the Right, but now it’s like we’re seeing that divide between sane and well, insane. We’ve gone beyond the Left calling everyone they disagree with a racist to calling them a Nazi and even claiming people on the Right want them dead.

Hey, we’re not making this up man … just look at the reactions to Senator Chris Murphy’s tweet about Republicans:

Yeah, we’re calling BS on his tweet but that’s not really the story here.

The story is the Captain Insane-O level of crazy in the responses to his tweet. We suppose the media (and Democrats) spending four years telling these same people how evil Trump and his supporters are could very well have broken many of them mentally but this is … yeah.

And we’re not entirely sure he doesn’t believe that.

All the eye rolls, right?

And so begins the insanity that has enveloped the Left:



Gosh, it’s almost like Democrats’ rhetoric is actually hurting this country.

Whoda thunk?

That’ll teach ’em!


Crushing them.


Fantasize about killing?

Guys, we told you.

They have broken their base for their own political power. These tweets are from people who are either really bored and looking for attention OR people who are truly scared.

And that’s on the Democrats.



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