There should be a few unwritten rules for social media and podcasters.

  1. Never compare anything to the Holocaust.
  2. Never compare anything to 9/11.
  3. Never exploit the death of a child.

Case in point:

Don’t do that.

We get it, Ted dared take his family out of the winter storm and should have stayed put, climbing those wind turbines himself and knocking the ice from the blades. And it is a terrible and tragic loss, which is why Brian probably thought it would garner him a lot of clicks and taps for attention.

And speaking of attention:

Yup, Jake Tapper retweeted this ugliness:

Always keeping it classy.

Yeah, the bio for this podcaster is pretty hilarious considering he’s using the tragic death of a child to play politics.

Right, it’s all Ted’s fault!

Oh, wait.



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