This editor would need bail.

True story.

Seriously with THIS?!


A Union County mother is calling for change to the curriculum after her daughter was allegedly asked if she was a Republican or a Democrat in a civics class.

During the third week of February, students in a civics and economics course at Porter Ridge High School in Indian Trail were asked, “If you had to pick: are you a Democrat or a Republican? Why?'”

Students answered the question. The answers were then posted for the class to see, the mother said, and her daughter was bullied for being a Republican. 

“My daughter was worried. She said, ‘I just want to cry,'”  the mother said. “‘Everybody is being so mean to me.'”

Yup, this editor would need bail. A lot of it.

Doing this to high school students … just wow. No words.

Guess not.

He or she or they or whatever had to know this wouldn’t end well for those kids who chose Republican.

We’re not sure this was just a lack of judgment but you know, we’re cynical that way.

Our country is just broken.

Public schools sure aren’t doing themselves any favors.

Such a horrible decision.



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